new: Rise and Fall Deceiver 7″ EP out now!

Ghent, Belgium’s RISE AND FALL have released a new 7″EP entitled “Deceiver” that is a preview of their anticipated full-length “Faith”, due out in early 2012. The record, out now on Deathwish Inc, contains two tracks: “Deceiver” and “Sinking in Sin”, the latter being a cover song originally written by the Belgian hardcore band CONGRESS.

If this record is any indicator of what the full-length will be sounding like, “Faith” will likely make top 10 lists everywhere. “Deceiver”, while not being a huge departure from their previous material, is simply superb. Anyone who is a fan of heavy, yet dark sounding hardcore bands like Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, and Converge will more than likely love this new 7″.

Be on the lookout for Rise and Fall’s new full-length record, “Faith”, set to be released in early 2012 on Deathwish Inc. You can find out more at the following link:

You can hear Rise and Fall’s new 7″EP, “Deceiver” in its entirety tonight on The Big Takeover at 9pm. If you’re on the MCLA campus, you can listen to the show online at:


– Tyson Luneau (Station Manager)



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