Weekly Show Spotlight: The Sunday Recoup/Thirsty Thursday

For our first Weekly Show Spotlight, we sat down with Pete Zdziarski, Noah Bowman, and Will Jones, the hosts of two of our great new shows: The Sunday Recoup and Thirsty Thursday. Here’s what they had to say

WJJW: First off, introduce yourselves (Name – Graduating Class – Major – Hometown):

Will: Peter Zdziarski – 2015 – English Communications – Southfield, MA
Noah Bowman – 2015 – Arts Management – Brooklyn, NY
Will Jones – 2015 – Sport Management – Sturbridge, MA

WJJW: When did you start your show, and when does it run each week?

Will: We began in the Fall of 2011. The Sunday Recoup is every Sunday from 2pm – 5pm, and Thirsty Thursday runs from 6pm-9pm every Thursday.

WJJW: What types of music do you typically play on the show?

Will: Everything. Indie, rock, hip-hop, etc.

WJJW: What is your favorite thing about college radio?

Will: There are a lot of responsibilities, but it is worth it for the freedom and flexibility you have on the air.

WJJW: Are there any cool or unique things you’ve done or are planning to do on the show?

Will: We want to have a live performance on the show. We’re also planning on having on-air guests for every show. We’re always looking to do talk sessions with fun topics (battle of the sexes, dumb fun stuff like that).

WJJW: (for each DJ) Top 5 records?

Noah: Menomena – Friend and Foe
My Morning Jacket – Z
Sunset Rub Down – Dragon Slayer
Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s – Not Animal
Japandroids – Post-Nothing

Pete: How the West Was Won – Led Zeppelin
Rubber Factory – Black Keys
Transatlanticism – Death Cab For Cutie
Broken Boy Soldiers – The Raconteurs
Show Your Bones – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Will: Dave Matthews Band – The Best of What’s Around
Lupe Fiasco – Lasers
Eminem – 8 Mile
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Greatest Hits
Kanye West – The College Dropout

WJJW: Cool. Where on the internet can people find out more about your show?

Will: Check out the Facebook group for The Sunday Recoup.

WJJW: Anything else you’d like to add?


Make sure to check out both Thirsty Thursday and The Sunday Recoup! Stay tuned for another weekly show spotlight next week!


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One response to “Weekly Show Spotlight: The Sunday Recoup/Thirsty Thursday

  1. Will

    Yes! Sunday Recoup and Thirsty Thursday! Every body listen to us!

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