WJJW is the student-run radio station of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA. The station is non-profit and features shows that cover a variety of music, sports, politics, and other topics.

The station broadcasts on 91.1 FM in the Northern Berkshire County area, and on the internet world-wide.

WJJW Executive Board:

Station Manager: Tyson Luneau ’13
Program Director: Stephan Rochefort ’14
Public Relations Director: Topher Lewis ’14
Music Director: Caleb Ladue ’15
Advisor: James Niedbalski

Questions/Concerns/Comments? Email us at wjjw@mcla.edu !

6 responses to “About

  1. Geoffrey

    Saturday morning Country Music??? Who’s bright idea was that? As the orgional co-founder of the Saturday morning Hangover Show back in 1979… have musical tastes on campus changed that much?

    • Jerry Tyler has been doing The Country Music show for several years now. It’s not my personal choice of music, but he does a great job.

      -Tyson Luneau

      • Tim Clark '94'

        Geof, Jerry was on the air with this show when I arrived Spring semester 1992. He has a huge following and also a popular public access music video show that he distributes as far away as Syracuse NY. Jerry is by far the longest-tenured staff member on the Mighty 91.1 !

  2. Tim Clark '94'

    And no, it’s not an accurate representation of what you normally hear on the station, lol…

  3. Will

    And the Sunday Recoup offers a nicer option for the listeners that aren’t feeling that country!

  4. Geoffrey

    Well, I hope Jerry actually graduates someday!

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